Dix River

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The Dix River is a small river in central Kentucky. The most interesting part of the Dix is the few miles before its confluence with the Kentucky River near Harrodsburg, KY. Put in on the Kentucky River at the public put-in on Lock 7 Rd, the Dix is about a mile or so upstream, just after a railroad bridge. Most of the Dix is backwater from the Kentucky River and doesn't flow much, so it is easy to paddle upstream. You'll eventually reach a class II rapid and a very high rock cliff. You can carry your boat up the bank and put in above the rapid to continue a short distance to the dam that forms Herrington Lake.

The water released into the Dix comes from the bottom of Herrington Lake, making it quite cold even during the summertime. This sometimes causes fog to develop making it difficult to see, but can also be a sight to see in itself.

Dix River - Greg Miller - Creative Commons License
Fog from the Dix spilling into the Kentucky River. Greg Miller - Creative Commons License


Most of the Dix is backwater from the Kentucky River and has no exposed banks suitable for camping until you get near the dam. It may be technically legal to camp on the bank near the class II rapid, but the short trip and fishing traffic doesn't provide much motivation to do so.