Fourteen Mile Creek

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Fourteen Mile Creek is a flatwater, mostly non-moving water paddle through fairly remote forested area in Charlestown St Park. To get to Fourteen Mile Creek, you launch from the boat ramp on the Ohio River and paddle upstream about 1.5 miles to the entrance of the creek. Most of the creek is water backed up from the Ohio, so it does not flow much until you get about 6 or 7 miles in, and you'll often see that it flows backwards.

As you enter the creek, the remains of Rose Island is on your right. This used to be a novel place to get out and explore, but now that there's a bridge that lets you walk there, most people use that instead.

You can paddle in about 6 or 7 miles until you get to Hwy 62 where it begins to get too shallow to paddle. There used to be access at Hwy 62, but signs prohibiting access have been posted. You will see some boat docks, and possibly some kayakers launching well up into the creek, but these are all private access points.

There is a fee to get in to the park, it is $7 per car load for non-Indiana residents and $5 per car load for Indiana residents. An Indiana DNR lake permit is NOT required.

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