Deam Lake

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Deam lake is a small Indiana DNR State Park owned lake near Borden, IN. An Indiana DNR Lake permit is required to paddle at Deam Lake. The permit is $5 and can often be purchased at the front gate to the park, however the gate is not always staffed, and there are no other local places to obtain the permit making it difficult to obtain one during spring, fall and winter. When the gate is staffed there is a $7 per car fee to enter the park, but is free to enter when not staffed. The gate is usually staffed between Memorial Day and Labor day.

The beach area used to be a popular place for practicing re-entry and rolling, but the DNR has informed us that kayakers are no longer permitted to be near the beach. This includes the area where rental boats are launched, not just the swim area.


The property on the West side of the lake is owned by the State Park. Campgrounds are available which are suitable for launching kayaks. The East side of the lake is all Hoosier National Forrest, where camping is technically permitted, but steep banks make it impractical for kayak camping.