Harrods Creek

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Harrods Creek is probably the most scenic paddle near Louisville, and is very popular with flatwater paddlers. It is mostly forested area with some residential areas and marinas thrown in. The Ohio River creates a pool several miles long providing good water levels at all times, though it may be difficult to actually access the creek when the Ohio is flooded.

The pool goes back several miles. Once you reach the end of the pool, there is a small rapid you can carry your boat up. This is the Great Blue Heron rookery. You will see many herons and other wild life while paddling up the creek. At night, if you turn on a flashlight or headlamp, bats will fly up to your boat to eat bugs and turn just in time to miss you.


There are several access points to Harrods Creek, none of them are optimal compared to access to most other streams and lakes.

Harrods Creek Boat Harbor

HCBH is the most popular access point, it costs $5 per boat to launch. It is located just past Captains Quarters. Go as if you were going to Captains Quarters, but once you reach the parking lot keep going straight through a swing gate and down to the boat ramp.

Unfortunately HCBH isn't always open. It is closed from November through April, and during periods of high water on the Ohio. It is illegal to park in the Captains Quarter's parking lot and carry your boat through the gate. Also, the boat ramp isn't always staffed, so there is an "honor box" for you to put your $5 launch fee in, and you'll obviously need exact change.

329 Bridge

It is possible to launch where Hwy 329 crosses Harrods Creek, but parking is very limited. This also puts you above the pool created by the Ohio, so low water levels may be an issue. But this is a fairly popular launch site, you will often cross paths with people who have launched here while paddling up from the Ohio.

Nachand Canoe & Kayak Rental

Nachand Canoe & Kayak Rental (502-753-9271) rents kayaks and canoes, and also offers launching your own boat for $5. It is just slightly upstream of the Ohio, near HCBH. I believe parking is fairly limited, and I don't have any information on season of operation.

Cox Park

Cox park is located on River Rd on the Ohio and is a free public put-in. However it is approximately 4 miles from the mouth of the creek, making it fairly impractical.

Duffy's Landing (Indiana Side)

Duffy's Landing is similar to Cox Park in every respect, except it's on the Indiana side.

Party Cove (Indiana Side)

There is an access point to the Ohio River inside of what's commonly referred to as "Party Cove". It is about a 1.5 mile paddle to the mouth of the creek. Also, parking is very limited.

Harrods Creek Park

A fairly new access point is Harrods Creek Park. While it is theoretically possible to launch here, it's going to be a long carry.

Private Marinas

The private marinas and docs are for members only. You won't be permitted to launch from them unless you've purchased a boat slip.

After the paddle

Cunningham's Restaurant is located just East (on River Rd) of HCBH, and is right next to Nachand Canoe and Kayak. So it is often a destination for an after paddle dinner.